Quick! Recap *ALL the things*

First, in case you don't get the reference. Go here: Hyperbole and a Half Well as usual, this summer is flying flew by. We got back from vacation last week six weeks ago and it immediately became crunch time. I've started several different posts with updates on the various things we've been up to over the past… Continue reading Quick! Recap *ALL the things*

Hillbilly Days, yes it is a real thing.

Our little corner of the world isn't known for much. (Well actually, I just thought of several things after I typed that...) If you were making a list of things that Eastern Kentucky is known for, here are some of the things that might be on the list... Coal Cut-Through Hatfield-McCoy Feud Medical School Snake Handling… Continue reading Hillbilly Days, yes it is a real thing.

If Our Walls Could Talk

Time for another round of "If Our Walls Could Talk" which at this point would be more aptly named "Random Things Andy Says" but that's more fun anyway, right? A: What we really need to figure out is how to convince William & Mary that the child of two alumni should get free tuition. A:… Continue reading If Our Walls Could Talk

Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

This summer, I decided to refinish our pantry/cupboard.  It is an heirloom, passed down from Sarah's parents; her Dad had constructed it many, many years ago.  We currently use it to store our cookbooks and serving-ware.  Over time, the heritage piece has taken some abuse: scuffs, crayon marks, stab wounds that Sarah insists come from… Continue reading Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

25th Birthday Party: The Surprisee’s Perspective

As you read in the previous post, Andy went all out for my birthday. I could act humble and say that it was way more than I wanted but let's be serious, it was everything I've always wanted. I'm not selfless or holy enough to wish people would just make a big deal of Jesus… Continue reading 25th Birthday Party: The Surprisee’s Perspective

Sarah’s Surprise Birthday Party: A Behind the Scenes Look!

Sarah has always dreamed of having a surprise birthday party.  So, for her 25th birthday, I gave her one.  It was Tuesday, May 20, after I finished my last exam of the semester.  I thought to myself, a very clever thought, "Since Sarah also likes the blog, I will make a surprise blog post about… Continue reading Sarah’s Surprise Birthday Party: A Behind the Scenes Look!